Conversions of Chinese/European/American Roughness

Engineers, manufacturers, and quality control professionals often use surface roughness measurements to 

ensure that a surface meets specified requirements for functionality, aesthetics, or other performance criteria
of CNC machined parts or plastic molded parts.

Surface roughness measurements vary across regions, with Europe following ISO standards (e.g., ISO 1302), 
the USA utilizing ASME B46.1, and China employing GB/T 6062. To convert values between these standards, 
refer to specific parameters such as Ra, adapting to the unique measurement methodologies. ISO standards 
are prevalent in Europe, ASME B46.1 is standard in the USA, and GB/T 6062 is common in China. Ensure the 
use of the latest standards for accurate conversion. Collaborating with metrology experts or industry specialists 
is advisable to navigate nuanced differences and ensure precision when translating surface roughness values 
between Europe, the USA, and China.

The following charts are conversions of Chinese/European/American Roughness.

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