Low volume plastic parts and CNC machining parts production

Advantages Of Low Volume Manufacturing

More flexible design iterations
Creating low volume manufacturing allows for more efficient verification of design, engineering and manufacturability.Short turnaround times 
and low costs
Tooling is cost-effective for low volume manufacturers to handle orders quickly and flexibly, with no minimum order quantities.
Closing the gap to production
Low volume trial runs bridge the gap between prototype and production, timely identifying and resolving any issues before moving to 
mass production.
Reduced time to market faster
Low volume manufacturing services optimize the link between production to supply chain and consumer, providing rapid time-to-market 
for new products.

Why Choose Eastmaster For Low Volume Manufacturing?
A Wide Range of Low Volume Manufacturing Process Options
We offer a wide range of manufacturing services for low volume production needs of metal and plastic parts. Our services include CNC 
, plastic injection molding, metal casting, sheet metal fabrication and more, as well as one-stop surface finishing options.


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ISO 13485 Certified Quality Control
As an experienced low volume manufacturer, our strict quality control processes and advanced testing equipment ensure that your low volume 
production parts always meet the desired quality standards.

Flexible Order Processing with Fast DFM Response
No minimum order quantities, we provide faster and more flexible orders. With rapid DFM feedback anticipating potential problems, we help you 
solve engineering challenges and reduce production costs to meet your low volume manufacturing needs at any time.

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