Introduction of common Sheet Metal materials

Material classification

Commonly used sheet metal surface treatment meth:

1.Spray paint: also called baking paint. It is divided into powder and liquid. The thickness of one side of the powder baking paint is generally &12um. The surface is divided into wrinkles, flat gloss, high gloss, etc.: flat gloss and high gloss have higher requirements for the surface and polishing of the workpiece, and there should be no obvious pits, etc.:
2. Electroplating: Electroplating has extremely high requirements on the surface of the workpiece, and the thickness of one side is usually 1-2um. It is divided into blue white zinc and colorful zinc:
3. Commonly used methods: black anode, sandblasting, etc.
4. Silk screen printing: The process of screen printing various logos on the surface of the material. Generally, there are two methods of flat screen printing and pad printing. The main principle is the same as the principle of camera film imaging, and it is also an exposure process. Flat screen printing is mainly used on general planes. But if you encounter a place with a deep pit, you need to use pad printing. Usually used in trademarks, use signs, warning signs, etc.