• FAQ

1. How to start a project?

    If you would try us, you could send a file to test our pricing.

    If you like our pricing, following steps will take you to receiving good products:

    You place order -- we send invoice for deposit -- you pay deposit -- we arrange production -- we send pictures for you

    approval -- we send invoice for balance -- you pay balance -- we ship your products.

2. What material do you use for prototyping and low volume production?

    For prototyping job, we use real plastic blocks. It is closer to the molding production parts compared with 3D printing.

    For vacuum casting jibs, we use casting resin simulant to ABS,PC,PP or Nylon.

    For machining job, we use the material you specify on your drawing.

3. What guarantee do you have?

    If the delivered parts are found defective when opened in one week after receipt by customer, Eastmaster will make

    replacement parts at our cost or refund.

4. What is the lead time of a prototype and tooling trial sample?

    For prototyping/machining, it can be one day.

    For tooling, the first trial time can be one week.

    All depends on the complexity of the part design.

5. How to make payments?

    You can use bank transfer (TT), Paypal, Western Union.

6. How do you ship the parts?

    We can use courier, air freight or sea freight approaches.

    Prepayment or collect ge are both acceptable.

7. How can I have my documents kept confidential?

    We can sign NDA with your, and all our workers have legibility to keep confidentiality for our company.

8. What is the difference of prototype tool and production tool?

     Different mold design, different mold steel, diffrent life, different tooling cost. 

9. Why the shipping cost by courier is much more than I estimated?

  --- In one typical case, the actual weight of a box is only 35 kgs, but the courier ged customer 72 kgs!

        Because the box sized 85 cm in length, 70 cm in width, and 60 cm in height, the dimensional  geable weight is  

        85x70x60/5000=72 kgs. Couriers (DHL/UPS/FedEx) have their formula LxWxH/5000 to calculate weight.

        If you estimate shipping cost based on 35 kgs, you will lost money on shipping cost.

        So please take this into account in advance.

        Of course, according to our customer, even with dimensional geable weight our pricing is still competitive.

10. People say that the production costs in China has increased much these years, is it true?

    --- Yes it is true. As you can imagine, the engineers and workers deserve better pay as China economy grows.

         For those large volume jobs which used to employ a lot of labors and now can be done by automation production lines,

         Chinese pricing is not so attractive as before.

         However, for those low volume jobs which require skillful engineers and labors like prototyping, tooling and machining,

         our pricing is still attractive.

         Why don't you simply send a RFQ to uate our quote? Send a RFQ now!

11. How could we get samples? 

    -- For plastic tooling / molding job and large volume machining job, we can send you samples to approve and will start               proiduction after your approval.

    -- For prototyping and small volume machining job, we will not send sample in advance.

        All the shipping costs will be paid by your side.

 12. How to check the quanlity of a prototyping job?

       We will send pictures for your cosmetic check and video for functional demonstration check.

      Have more questions? Drop a line to us now!

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