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In 2001, we started our business as Shenzhen Dong Fang Da Shi Prototype Firm.
In 2002, we expanded our business to plastic parts tooling and molding.
In 2003, machining was added to our business range.
In 2003, Eastmaster Manufacturing Limited was set up to organized the 3 business sections.
In these years,we have been dedicated to developing solutions to help customer producing plastic/metal parts with minimum investment cost.

● When a new product is in R & D stage, design review and a prototype is usually needed to evaluate the design and to minimum possible loss caused by imperfect design.We have experienced engineers to help you to review the design for tooling/production feasibility.
We can provide Rapid Prototyping & Modeling service to show you and your customer how the new design is like,whether the part can work properly or not,and what modification should be made before moving to mold construction.
● We have been working to develop approaches to make low cost prototype tool to make Low-volume Production of plastic parts. It is specially useful for instrument industry.
● In some cases like medical equipment and scientific instrument industry, only small quantity is in demand. And the enclosure parts are generally large sized so the tooling cost would be very high. With our Low-volume Production service we can  make plastic housings/enclosures for your commercial use without building expensive steel mold. So a new model no longer means big budget in tooling.Some enclosures were sheet metal material. The designers imagination is often limited by the technical impossibility.;With our techniques in plastic;there is almost no limitation in enclosure design.
●We adopt ISO13485 quality system to ensure the product quality for customers satisfaction.

After the design validation and marketing probing, you are now ready to move to mass production. Our volume manufacturing service help you to produce plastic and metal parts at low cost.

--- Product design,design review and optimization.
--- Prototyping, short run production of plastic parts, prototype tooling.
--- Prototyping of metal machined parts.
--- Low Volume Machining of metal and plastic parts,CNC machining.
--- Tooling and injection molding.

Customers intellectual property will be honored and be kept strictly confidential.

Dedication to clients satisfaction is our commitment.

We accept order of one piece!

We have experience in providing service to world wide customers, including some famous stock listed companies.

The industries we have served covered precision instrument, automation, medical & bioscience, household appliance, automobile etc.

If you have a new projects in need of plastic/metal parts,please come to us. We can help you reduce cost with good quality and fast delivery. Our full range service from design review to final production will meet your requirement.

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